Menu Selections



Dark Chocolate
Zesty Lemon
Red Velvet
Brown Sugar Pound Cake
Old Fashioned Carrot Cake


Premium Fillings

Tart Raspberry
Lemon Curd
Blueberry Delight

For (Extra) Sweet Tooth:
Chocolate Ganache
Peanut Butter
Bavarian Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Icings Flavors

Swiss Meringue


This icing has a rich, buttery taste with a velvety mouth feel. Not overly sweet.





Cream Cheese​


Traditional American Buttercream

(Very Sweet frosting that holds up

better in warmer venues)

Available in above flavors

Homemade Marshmallow


(a marshmallow flavored icing that goes over a layer of buttercream or ganache) 


Dark Chocolate Ganache


Cake Pricing

Custom Cakes

Buttercream icing  $4.50 per serving

 Fondant covered $5.25 per serving

Sculpted or Gravity Defying Cakes

Start at $500


Gumpaste flowers, characters, and elaborate design elements are an extra charge

depending on complexity and amount of labor involved. 



All cakes over 2 tiers require delivery.

We have a $50 delivery fee within 25 miles of the bakery.

Distances over 25 miles will be charged an additional per mile fee


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


I've never ordered a custom cake before! What do I need to do?

As your cake designer, I will always start with these 3 questions: 1) When is your event date? Let's make sure your date is available! Booking at least one month in advance is highly recommended. Cakes ordered less than two weeks prior to event date or less may be subject to a rush fee. 2) How many people are you trying to feed? This will determine the size of your cake. For example, you will not need to order a 3 tier cake to feed 10. 3) What price range were you looking to stay in? This step is often the hardest for most clients; however, it is the most critical in designing a dessert that you are happy with. Cakes are priced by the serving, by the filling (if any), and how much work is involved in the design. Designs that have lots of fondant or intense sculpture work will naturally cost more. We work in many budget ranges, so don't be afraid to ask.

Where can I look for ideas of what kind of cake I want?

Pinterest and Google images have been the MOST HELPFUL avenue for getting inspiration. You can also view our gallery, our Pinterest page, or our Facebook page to view our previous work. Gather several images, noting what you do and do not like. Let us know when you contact us, and we can design from there.

How big is a serving of a cake?

The industry standard sized slice is 4"X2"X1". Example below.

But we REALLY like cake, my teenager would eat 5 of those slices!

If you wish to serve larger portions than the industry standard slice, we suggest ordering a larger cake. Our clients have returned, time and time again, saying that their guests were pleased with their serving size, and less cake was wasted when this portion size was served.

I am ready to order! What now?

Use the contact form from the menu to get in touch with us, being sure to include all the required information noted above. We will respond shortly!

Do you do tastings?

Wedding and large corporate events may schedule a tasting if the cake is to fee 70 or more guests. Tasting fees are $35 and include up to 3 flavors, 2 frostings, and 2 fillings. The tasting fee is credited to the final purchase price once a contract is signed and retainer received.

Do you deliver?

We have a $50 delivery fee within 25 miles of the bakery. Distances over 25 miles will be charged an additional per mile fee.

Pricing & Payment

How much do your charge?

Our cakes start at $4.50 per serving. This is a great way to "guessamate" a baseline price for your dessert. Simply take your number of servings needed times these amounts to get an general idea. All of cakes START at $100 regardless of size.

How much is this cake that I found on Pinterest/Google/Magazine?

We could spend all day answering requests for this information. Please refer back to the 'Ordering a Custom Cake' question listed above, and we can happily assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

What are your payment policies?

To place an order, a signed contract and 50% retainer fee must be received. The retainer fee holds your date and is NOT REFUNDABLE. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event date. Cakes booked 2 weeks or less from the event date must be paid in full at time of order, as well as any order under $200.

Do you take credit cards?

YES! We use Square, a secure online payment system.

The cake I want is outside my budget! What can I do?

1) The first thing to do is verify your guest count. Double checking the RSVPs will not only save you on cake, but on additional party supplies as well. 2) Consider a smaller "Centerpiece Cake". This smaller cake can be the focus of the dessert table, while homemade or grocer bought desserts can surround it.

My event has been cancelled! Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the retainer fee cannot be refunded as we have had to turn away other clients who desired your event date. Payments that have already been applied towards your dessert can be transferred to another date based on availability. Thank you for understanding.

Whoa! Those sculpted cakes blow my mind! How much are they?

Sculpted cakes are definitely my passion! They are very labor intensive and require extensive amounts of materials and expertise. My sculpted cakes start at $500 and go up from there depending on complexity of the design. The bigger and more gravity defying the design (see my leaping deer in the gallery) the more expensive. These cakes are edible works of art that will absolutely make your event UNFORGETABLE!


Can I just buy a topper?

Topper work is accepted on a case by case basis.

Do you rent cake stands?

Yes. Please see our shop for toppers currently available.

Do you teach classes?

I oftern pair up with Bitterroot Sip and Paint for cupcake decorating classes. Check their website for our next class (usually held in the winter months). Private lessons: Rates start at $100/hr.

More Desserts

Do you do cupcakes and cake pops?

We do cupcakes with a 2 dozen per flavor minimum order. We do not make cake pops.

Do you do smash cakes, or cakes for photo sessions?

We do prepare smash cakes as an add-on service to an additional dessert order. We can make only a smash cake for a photo session, but keep in mind our order minimum fee is $100.

Do you make cheesecakes?

We do not carry cheesecakes at this time.

I saw cakesickles on your social media pages! How much are those?

Cakesicles are like cake pops, only SO MUCH BETTER! They are bigger bits of cake covered in a candy shell. They allow for more room for custom designs. From fancy to whimsical, they are great as small bites, wedding favors, or thank you gifts. They come in sets of 4 and start at $20/per set. More elaborate designs with characters, gold leaf, etc will need to be quoted out.

Do you make cookies?

Yes and No. Our passion is cake, but we know sometimes an occasion just needs cookies. Our cookies are covered in marshmallow fondant and embossed or painted. We do not work with royal icing at this time.


When do I schedule my tasting and/or consultation?

We recommend scheduling your tasting or consultation no less than 6 months prior to your event date. At the time of scheduling, you will need to send in your tasting fee, if you will want to taste cakes at your consultation. You can see our menu above to choose up to 3 cake flavors, 2 frostings, and 1 filling for up to four guests.

Is there a tasting fee?

Yes, $35 due to hold the date of your tasting appointment. When you decide that Bluebird Sweets is your wedding cake maker, we will credit the $35 back to the cost of your wedding cake order. Your credit will be reflected in your wedding cake contract.

I found the cutest cake topper on Etsy! Can we use it?

If you have purchased a topper, please bring it (or any other items) you want incorporated into the cake. Some may not be appropriate for your cake due their weight. Some toppers may not look appropriate on your cake due to their size. We highly recommend not purchasing any topper until after your consultation, so that you know for sure it will look great.

What should I bring to my tasting or consultation?

Please bring any inspiration photos you may have found, color swatches of ribbon if you would like to color match, and anything you may want to incorporate into the cake (such as a topper or figurine).

Do you do groom's cakes?

Of course! Why should the bride have all the fun!?

Do you have cake stands for rent?

We have two cake stands for rent for $50 each. A refund of $25 will be issued when the stand is returned to the bakery in original condition, up to one week after the wedding. We also have a larger 2 tier stand that can accommodate a large main cake and smaller desserts or flowers for a $200 rental, $100 returned when the stand is returned to the bakery in original condition within one week of the wedding.

I want to use a cake stand I found on Etsy or at antique store. Is that okay?

Let's discuss it in your consultation. Many cake stands simply are not designed to hold a multi-tiered cake. They cannot support the weight of a heavy cake safely. Many are not level, which could cause your cake to topple over. If you have your heart set on one you see, let's discuss how to incorporate it at your consultation. You can decide to purchase it afterwards.

Is there a delivery charge?

There is a $50 delivery fee for all deliveries within 25 miles of the bakery. Mileage outside the 25 miles will be charged additional mileage.

How much will a wedding cake cost?

Each cake is priced individually based on flavors, fillings, and design details. The simpler and smaller the cake, the less costly. Our minimum order for wedding cakes is $300. Wedding Cakes that feed around 50 people can expect a minimum cost of $300 Wedding Cakes that feed around 100 people can expect to pay a minimum cost of $500 Wedding Cakes that feed around 200 people can expect to pay a minimim cost of $1000

How do I prepare for my tasting?

The most important way to be prepared is having an idea of what you want and how much you want to spend. Knowing a price range helps me design a cake in your budget so no time is wasted in creating designs that don't work for you. Bring inspiration images from magazines or Pinterest to give me an idea of how you envision your cake to look like. Also, you will need to know how many people you want to serve, the venue location and the time of the reception.